Top Office Cleaning Tips For Productivity

Portrait of a young smiling woman as she disinfects a keyboard and monitor after learning office cleaning tips.

As the saying goes, a clean office is a productive office. Think about it: when you’re working in an environment that’s constantly dirty and messy, it can be hard to focus on getting work done. You spend more time worrying about cleaning up than actually getting stuff done. And then when you are doing your work, there’s always something distracting you—maybe it’s a mess on the floor or maybe it’s just a general sense of disarray in the office. Either way, an untidy office can hinder the quality of your employee’s work days, which in turn, affects productivity. That is why it is important to prioritize a clean and healthy office environment–whether you do it yourself or whether you hire a professional cleaning company. Today, we will discuss why cleanliness matters in the workplace and share the best office cleaning tips to help boost morale and improve productivity!

How Cleanliness Affects Productivity

First and foremost, you might be asking yourself how cleanliness affects productivity. For starters, a clean work environment helps to keep employees safe and healthy, which should be a priority for all business owners. But there’s a lot more to it than that…here are some other ways that cleanliness affects overall office productivity:

  • Reduces Sick Days
    When you focus on office cleanliness and disinfection, you are reducing the spread of illness-causing germs and bacteria in your workplace. By eliminating germs and bacteria, you are making an effort to keep your employees safe from sickness.
  • Increases Focus & Concentration
    As we mentioned previously, an untidy environment can hinder focus because your brain may become distracted by your surroundings. By decluttering your surroundings, you can increase concentration in the workplace. 
  • Reduces External Stress Factors
    Not everybody experiences stress due to external factors, but it can be an issue for individuals who generally thrive in a clean environment. When you eliminate clutter, you are providing a stress free workplace for your employees. 
  • Boosts Morale
    When it comes to a productive environment, office morale plays a huge role. While there are many things that contribute to positive work morale, maintaining cleanliness can be a major and often overlooked factor. It lets your employees know that you care enough about them to provide a safe and sanitary work environment. 
  • Can Prevent Workplace Injuries (Slips, Falls, Etc.)
    When you think of things that hinder productivity, it’s not just sickness or clutter that affect your office. The overall safety of your employees is at risk when you have a dirty office environment. You might be thinking that injuries in an office workplace seem unlikely, but it is possible.
  • Organization Helps To Improve Workflow 
    When you have a system of organization in your office, then you reduce “search” time and allow your employees to focus on the tasks on hand. When your office is cleaned and organized, it also presents a picture of how your office should always look. This helps your employees to keep their own things organized and increases productivity.

Best Tips To Keep Your Office Clean

So now that you know how cleanliness can affect productivity, it’s time to share the best office cleaning tips that you should implement into your work environment. Some of these things are common sense type things, while others may require some new supplies or equipment to keep around your office. Either way, it’s critical to encourage healthy habits in the workplace.

  1. Have Cleaning & Disinfection Items On Hand At All Times
    Make sure that your cleaning supply closet is stocked with a variety of safe and effective products. Keep hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes stocked for your employees to keep at their desks so they can disinfect throughout the day. 
  1. Empty The Trash
    When it comes to a clean office, it is imperative to ensure that the trash is being taken out regularly (especially in the break room or wherever people eat). It can be easy to skip the waste bins that aren’t full, but an easy way to eliminate foul odors is by making sure that the trash is being taken out regularly. 
  1. Encourage a “Clean Office” Atmosphere
    As we mentioned previously, by maintaining a clean office environment, you are setting the expectation for what the office should look like at all times. Try creating a little cleaning chart for your office to remind employees of the importance of a clean workplace. 
  1. Hire a Professional Office Cleaning Service
    Even if you do a fantastic job of keeping your office clean, you should consider hiring a reputable cleaning company to ensure the job is done correctly. Find a company specializing in office cleaning and disinfection and make sure that they regularly come to clean your office. The Coverall Program goes deeper to create cleaner, healthier work environments. In addition to being a science-based commercial cleaning company, Coverall will work with you to tailor cleaning & janitorial services to your business’s individual needs.