Over 100 franchise owners and 500 customers throughout the country

When it comes to keeping your business clean, Coverall goes above and beyond to ensure that your property is sanitized safely.


The Coverall PCS team supports over 100 franchise owners and 500 customers throughout the country. Our franchise owners are equipped to provide cleaning services to a wide range of clients, including schools, gyms, daycares, medical centers, and Fortune 500 companies. In addition to cleaning services, The Coverall team also specializes in commercial clean-up services, on-demand cleaning services, and preventative maintenance cleaning services. We can customize a program that suits your business’ specifications.


Coverall’s Health-Based Cleaning System has been scientifically validated to reduce illness-causing germs and provide customers with maximum cleanliness. With Coverall’s Health-Based Cleaning System Program, your facility will not only look clean and smell clean – it will actually be a cleaner, healthier place to work. Our proprietary Core 4 Process can help to combat the spread of viruses, bacteria, and germs that could potentially affect business. We help keep your business safe for patrons and employees.


The Coverall PCS team includes trained and certified Franchise Owners who get to know you, your business, your cleaning needs, and your facility. Our team also consists of a comprehensive customer care program where you can get any questions answered and any concerns addressed. To learn more about how Coverall’s Health-Based Cleaning System can help your business, contact us today!